FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

How do I login to AWM Online School?

  • If you are unable to login to AWM Online School because you have forgotten your password, you can recover your password by clicking on the following link: Recover my password.

How do I submit my assessment?

  1. All assessments must be emailed to: [email protected]
  2. The email must be written in the correct email format and the assessment document(s) submitted must labelled correctly. Any assessment submitted that does not follow these guidelines shall automatically be rejected.

How do I label my assessment correctly?

The AWM assessment team receives a lot of emails from various students so assessments must be labelled correctly so we can identify who the assignment is for and from. The file must have the student name and assessment number. Resubmissions must have the name resubmission at the start of the file name. Please see the examples below:

  1. For example, if Tino Muti wants to submit assessment 2 for Module 1, the assessment must be labelled Assessment 1.2 Tino Muti
  2. Resubmission example, if Tino Muti wants to resubmit assessment 2 for Module 1, the assessment must be labelled Resubmission Assessment 1.2 Tino Muti

What is the correct email format to use to submit assessments?

Any email assessment(s) submitted must contain the name of the assessments being submitted in both the Subject field and email body field.

The Assessment team receives many submission emails so all emails that do not follow this format shall automatically be rejected.

For example: